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Day: May 27, 2023

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What To Bring With You on a Rental Car Ride

Your journey can be a lot easier and more exciting if you rent a car. Usually, the process of renting a car is straightforward and will be completed within a short time. But if you’re not careful, you may make the following mistakes when renting a car. 

1. Not Prioritizing Car Inspections

When you go to hire a vehicle, the car rental agent will typically inspect the vehicle with you. The agent will also offer documentation of any scratches or dents on the vehicle that the company already knows about.

However, you must still inspect the vehicle on your own to identify any damage that the company might have missed. You should also take pictures of any damage on the automobile and report them to the car hire services before driving away.

If you don’t do the inspections before renting the vehicle, you may be responsible for any damages that may already exist. The company will hold you responsible for the unreported damage and insist that you pay the repair fees. In some cases, the damage might be a severe mechanical error that is quite costly.

2. Not Reading Conditions and Terms

If you are in a hurry, you might not peruse the terms and conditions of the rental vehicle. As a result, you might only focus on the insurance conditions, payment terms, and mileage amount. However, other details in the terms and conditions can cause problems later. For example, you might realize that the rental company included hidden costs or unclear pickup and drop-off times.

3. Not Confirming the Payment Method

Debit cards are the most common way to pay for car hire services. However, not all companies provide a wide range of payment options. Before you sign the car hire contract, confirm the company’s accepted payment methods. 

4. Not Returning the Vehicle on Time

When you rent a vehicle, you pay for a specific number of hours. If you delay, the rental company will bill for the extra hours. Most companies charge a higher rate for excess hours. Always plan out your journey accurately and book enough hours to avoid inconveniences.

5. Not Refilling the Gas Tank

Most rental companies provide a vehicle that has a full gas tank. When you eventually return the vehicle, it must have a filled-up gas tank. If the vehicle’s tank is not full, the rental company will charge extra on your debit card. In some cases, the extra charge might be higher than what you could have paid at the gas station.

6. Picking Up and Dropping off the Car at the Airport

If you’re renting a car after a flight, you may want the convenience of picking up the vehicle as soon as you get off the plane. However, many rental car companies will charge extra on the base rate if the pickup and drop-off are at the airport and their rental station isn’t already located at the airport. That is because the airport is a premium location and might include an airport surcharge.

If you are taking a flight to another country or city, you should instead use public transport to get to the location of the rental car company to avoid extra charges.  

7. Purchasing Insurance at the Rental Desk

Rental insurance is a complicated part of car hire. Many people avoid the entire process by going with the rental company’s insurance recommendations. However, the rental company’s insurance choice might be way higher than if you buy coverage from an insurance company. 

Always shop around to find the best deal for you. For example, you might get third-party insurance that is cheaper and provides more coverage than the one you get at the rental desk or from your travel insurance agent.

Hiring a vehicle is a convenient way to go about your business in your local area or a new place. Royal Exotics provides luxurious and affordable car rental vehicles. We also provide luxury chauffeur service for various activities, including weddings. Contact us to book your exotic car rental. 

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