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9 Important Tips For Hiring A Car

A rental vehicle can provide an excellent return for money and the ability to reach your destination in style. For example, you can rent an exotic car for your upcoming wedding. However, car rental offers differ from one company to another. 

We have compiled a list of top tips to help you find the best deals.

1. Consider Your Requirements

Determine the number of people that will use the rental vehicle and calculate how much luggage you intend to transport with the rental car. The information will help you to determine the size of the vehicle that can suit your needs. 

Other considerations may include air conditioning if you will be in a hot area.

2. Know the Insurance Options

Don’t simply purchase insurance from the vehicle rental firm — the insurance they provide can be costly. Instead, reach out to a specialist excess reimbursement insurance company. Ask the company about their insurance and what they would charge for your car rental duration. 

A daily excess insurance policy is often perfect for short-term rentals. On the other hand, annual policies are ideal if you are in the market for long-term car rentals. Whatever policy you choose, ensure that it covers all vehicle damages.

3. Ask About the Fuel Policy

Vehicle rental companies that provide cars with half-full or full tanks are usually recommended. However, you will also have to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel. So, ask about the fuel policy, especially reimbursement for unused fuel. 

4. Read Reviews

Most car rental companies have online websites where customers can post reviews. However, read the reviews with a grain of salt. Most reviewers can leave bad reviews due to avoidable mistakes. 

5. Avoid One-Way Fees

Some car rental companies will charge a one-way fee if you pick up and drop the vehicle in different locations. You may not notice the fee instantly as it may be hidden within the terms and conditions. Compare car hire companies to find one that doesn’t charge one-way fees.

6. Decline Paid Upgrades

You will definitely welcome a free upgrade, but very few companies have this offer. In most cases, companies will offer upgrades at an extra cost and may fail to discuss the upgrade terms with customers.

If the company offers an upgrade due to a car shortage, request a written guarantee of no extra charges. Failure to do this can result in an inflated fee. Another option is to avoid upgrades entirely and demand that car replacements be of a similar model.

7. Be Flexible in Pick-up Location

The price of car rentals can differ from one depot to another in the same city. In most cases, you will pay less when you pick up the car just outside the airport instead of at the terminal. 

Consequently, flexibility in pickup location can save you a lot of money. All you have to do is use pick-up filters when searching for a vehicle to know which pick-up location has the lowest prices.

8. Use Fewer Drivers

Perhaps all your fellow travelers are competent drivers who can help you to drive the hired car. However, any additional driver will increase the price of the hire car. 

Always check the car hire terms and conditions to know their policy about additional drivers.

9. Book in Advance

Car rentals often work the same way as flights — the best deals are usually available for people who book well in advance. In contrast, the hire prices can get higher if you book a luxury vehicle less than 24 hours before the pickup.

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