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7 Benefits of Car Rentals for Businesses

Tourists and other travelers often use rental cars when they go to new places. Businesses have also begun to use rental vehicles to move employees and other personnel around. If you are also considering rental cars for your business, here are seven potential benefits to keep in mind.

1. Convenient Hiring Options 

Car rental services offer flexible hiring options to suit the unique needs of every business. The most popular option is to hire a vehicle for a fixed long-term duration at a slightly lower cost. On the other hand, if your business only requires a vehicle for a limited duration, you can get a short-term vehicle rental package.

2. Choice of Right Vehicle

Vehicle rental services have a wide range of vehicle models. You can quickly get a vehicle ideal for your business’s intended purpose. For example, you can choose seating capacity and fuel economy appropriate for your goal. The goal can be a corporate outing, client visit, or business trip.

3. Complete Maintenance and Servicing

Whether you hire the vehicle for a short or long period, the car rental service will likely offer full maintenance and frequent servicing. If you were using your company’s own vehicles, you would need to pay for the maintenance and servicing.

Hence, using car rental services results in significant savings for your business. You also avoid the downtime that comes with vehicle breakdowns and repairs.

4. Optimize Your Costs

Fleet operation and management is a costly endeavor that can significantly increase the business’s operational costs. When you use a car rental service, you outsource fleet operation and management to a third party. In the meantime, your small business has easier financial planning and budgeting. Eventually, you will simplify your bookkeeping activities. 

Another benefit is that monthly rental fees are usually less than the cost of purchasing a new vehicle. You can classify the vehicle hiring cost as a business expense and reduce your tax bill. What’s more, long-term vehicle rental has no impact on your credit score, and hiring doesn’t freeze capital or hinder cash flow. All these cost benefits ultimately lower financial risks, particularly for startups. 

5. Enjoy Regular Vehicle Upgrades

Long-term vehicle leases typically run for one to four years, but short-term leases can be as short as a few hours. When your car lease expires, you can choose to upgrade to the latest vehicle model. Not only will your business benefit from using the latest vehicle model, but you also have access to the most advanced technologies. The newest technologies provide more comfort and safety for your employees and clients.

6. Avoid Loan Approval Challenges

When your business is starting out, the available capital often is insufficient to cater to the purchase of new vehicles. The business may try to get additional capital from a lender, but chances of loan approval are low because startups typically have low credit ratings. To avoid this problem while still guaranteeing proper transport for your employees and clients, you can seek car hire services. 

7. Access 24/7 Support

The majority of car rental companies offer 24/7 customer support. If your vehicle breaks down or experiences any problem, you can get instant information and help from the rental company. Some companies even provide information regarding traffic flow and fuel costs on your route to assist in planning.

Get High-Quality Car Rental Services

Car rental services can help your business reduce costs while offering convenience to employees and clients. Royal Exotics is a car rental service that provides high-quality vehicles for short-term and long-term rentals. Contact us today to book one or more vehicles for your company. 

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