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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Luxury Car on Your Wedding Day

Once you have settled on your wedding date, the next step is to begin planning for your big day. Among the things to consider is how participants will move around during the event. One common strategy is to hire vehicles from a rental company. Explore factors to consider when hiring a luxury car for your wedding.

1. Number of Cars Required

The location, season, and size of your wedding will determine the number of vehicles for your wedding. Start by calculating the number of friends and family who will come to your wedding. Know how many of those friends and family will not come with their own vehicles and need assistance with transport. Ideally, if many people plan to show up, hire larger vehicles.

2. Style

Different car styles are ideal for different distances and times of the year. For example, while you may prefer a vintage car, the vehicle may be unable to cover long distances or maintain normal traffic speed. Instead, you need a vehicle that can get you to your reception in time. The ideal vehicle should also have efficient heating systems and excellent air conditioning.

3. Time of Year

Since road conditions vary depending on the time of the year, the chosen vehicle should withstand the prevailing weather conditions. If your wedding is in the summer, the temperatures will likely be high. Thus, the ideal vehicle for a summer wedding should have air conditioning. If the conditions are windy or rainy, the vehicle should be airtight.

4. Prices

Family and friends will likely recommend various car rental services, but some rental cars may be expensive. In such instances, the best approach is to visit multiple car rental providers to obtain different quotes. Generally, the most affordable luxury vehicles are better, but price shouldn’t be the only consideration. Also, determine if the car rental service has hidden costs, such as insurance.

5. Booking Schedule

Weddings rarely happen on the spur of the moment. You will likely be aware of the date of your wedding several days or months in advance. The best practice is to book the wedding vehicles early enough to avoid surprises. If you book too late, the prices might be higher, or the rental vehicles might not be available.

6. Route and Timing

Calculate the distances that the vehicles will travel during the wedding day. Always choose the shortest and most comfortable route, and submit this information to the rental company. Also, inform the rental company about the precise duration of time you will hire the vehicle. If the rental company provides the driver, check with the driver to discuss possible routes.

7. Comfort and Convenience

The wedding couple should be comfortable in the wedding vehicle. Therefore, the vehicle should have convenient features such as a music player. In addition, the service provider can also decorate the vehicle for the wedding occasion. The vehicle should also have rear wheel covers to protect dresses from grease or dirt on the tires or wheels.

The wedding dress might contain many frills and even a train. Since boarding and embarking from the car may be difficult, the vehicle should have rear-opening doors. The doors open in the opposite way from standard vehicle doors, making movement in and out of the car easier.

8. Color

Many people have specific dreams about their wedding car color. Once you agree with your spouse about the car color, communicate the information to the car rental company. Inspecting the vehicle in person is best to determine whether the car color meets your specific requirements.

Once you have decided on the car model, the next step is to get the vehicle from Royal Exotics. We provide premium and luxurious vehicles for all occasions, including weddings. Contact us for bookings.

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